People born in the Year of the Horse love a party – and what better way to celebrate the start of Chinese New Year festivities than at the Chinese New Year Markets.

As the warmth of a Sydney summer evening comes alive with a feast of flavours from a vast array of cooking stalls, firecrackers are guaranteed to scare off any lingering misfortunes from the previous year. Soak up the atmosphere and then tuck into a bowl or two of delicious New Year dumplings with family and friends, before you settle in for a night of celebrations.

Catch the first glimpse of Compartmentalized, an exciting collaboration between Australia’s Stalker Theatre and Hong Kong’s Unlock Dancing Plaza, with a taste of their breathtaking breakdance, fusing bold moves, drumming and a contemporary soundscape. There will be lion dancing, as well as special launch night performances on the market stage, including a sneak preview of the Twilight Parade, plenty of pop and more traditional music and dance. Stick around for the PopAsia crew – they are sure to have the crowd kicking up their hooves, pony-style, as they spin all the latest hits from across Asia.

Festival Launch 2014

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